Our group’s first external grant!!!

Our group was recently selected to receive a small external grant from Organic Syntheses, Inc. Only 12 of these are given out each year, and many past award recipients are among the more well-known names in the field of synthetic organic chemistry at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) in the United States. The Organic Syntheses, Inc. PUI faculty grant for research will fund our research efforts during Summer 2022 and Summer 2023. Specifically, it provides a $5,000 stipend each year to compensate a full-time undergraduate who will work under the title of Organic Syntheses Summer Scholar and money for supplies, reagents, and equipment. I have chosen UVU undergraduate Morgan Payne as the recipient of this fellowship for Summer 2022. He will be working on the preparation of halogenated derivatives of clavatadines A-E. Congratulations Morgan!


Clavatadine C, D, and E total synthesis paper submitted!

Congrats to Kylee Maxfield and Morgan Payne for their contributions to our recently completed research article, which we uploaded to the preprint server ChemRxiv (pronounced “Chem-ar-KIVE” at the following link:

Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Clavatadines C-E

Although this version of the paper was not peer reviewed, we also submitted it to a reputable journal in the field to undergo peer review, and I’ll post an update once it gets published. By far, this was the longest paper I’ve written, and the first to include National Cancer Institute NCI-60 screening data on our synthesized compounds. All told, it was a herculean effort. Much credit goes to the students who devoted so much of their time in the lab and in the NMR instrument room to make it all happen. Thanks also to the sabbatical leave I was given this year, which enabled me to spend an enormous amount of time in the lab free of teaching duties.