Looking forward to 2020 conferences

With three abstracts submitted for Spring and Summer 2020 conferences, it looks like it’s going to be an active year for our group. Specifically, we submitted an abstract to give an oral presentation at the 2020 Spring ACS meeting, which was just accepted! Steve Chamberland will give the talk, which will focus the adventure and lessons learned on the path to our recently completed total synthesis of clavatadine B. This summer, he plans to give two talks at the Biennial Conference on Chemistry Education, the BCCE, which will be held at Oregon State University. There, we hope to meet up with two Chamberland group alumni, Jacob Buchanan and Chris Malmberg. Jacob recently finished his Ph.D. at Oregon State and is now working in industry and Chris is in the final stretch of his Ph.D. journey. Dr. Chamberland’s talks will focus on the Chemistry Cornerstone courses he developed at UVU and an in-class activity involving the seminal (15-step!!!) total synthesis of (+)-ryanodol by Caltech Professor Sarah Reisman and co-workers. This class discussion in Chemistry 2320 (Organic Chemistry II) normally falls during Women’s History Month, and highlights not just the work of a female chemist, but the work of one of the titans of modern synthetic organic chemistry.